Our activity

Depending on what you need, the scope of rendered services can take on various forms. Investors can take advantage of full services related to the investment process, from obtaining a site for development to completion of the design, coordination of formal-legal matters and general coordination of work and turn-key conveyance to the user, as well as limited services to perform selected actions related to the preparation and supervision of all trade related work.

Preparation and Design Department

1. Regulation of the legal status of the investment:
* working out the legal and division maps,
* preparation of notarised purchase-sales transactions,
2. Obtaining decision of site plannig conditions preceded by assurances for:
* technical supply conditions by public utilities: water, gas, central heating, electricity, sewage and storm water runoff, telecommunications and cable tv,
* opinions, arrangements etc. of operators, technical appraisals, geodesic maps, geological drilling samples etc., required by Building law regulations.
3. Performing building designs:
* architectural-building concept with site development to obtain a decision of site plannig conditions,
* primary architectural building design for the building permit,
* working architectural-building design.
4. Working out tender specifications, organising and conducting tenders to select a General Contractor.
5. Obtaining a building permit decision, demolition decision or work announcement.
6. Obtaining a decision to permit use of a property.
7. Obtaining certifications on the independence of premises.

Building supervision department

1. performing investor supervision in the following areas:
* construction,
* sanitary,
* electrical and telecommunications,
* technical-engineering infrastructure (water-sewerage, gas, central heating, low voltage power cables, high-voltage, trafo stations, telecommunications), supplying existing or future properties, together with site development (roads, landscaping).
2. Supervising investment settlements.
3. Advice related to the evaluation and selection of a General Contractor.